British Life Photography Awards

I somehow managed to win an award for Street Photography at the British Life Photography Awards

See here for the pics I submitted.

70’s Glam

Winter Fruit

It’s nice to know…

That National Grid are keeping us abreast of the situation.

I should note that picture was taken right next to the Russian consulate. Recording devices out of date?


Caffè Nero

The first such Picture

Citroen Acadiane for Sale

For sale is my beloved Carmen, with whom I must separate due now having a family.

She is unique in that she has two fuel tanks, a mattress and insulation. She also has a rev meter and two lighter sockets.

She was rebuilt about 8 years ago in France (from wence she came) and was designed for travelling.

At this time she was given a new Pays Orientale Chassis.

She has a mattress and two fuel tanks. This was very handy for the previous owner who travelled with her across the Atlas mountains and into the Sahara.

Unfortunately, she prefers the climate of North Africa and Southern France to that of the UK. She is showing slight signs of rust.

She also has insulation (including for the windows.) This, combined with the famous citroen suspension, makes for the most comfortable sleep.

There are a few spare parts that come with her (including a spare windshield) some traction mats and, OF COURSE, a hand crank.

The Acadiane is pretty much the same thing as an AK400 but with different bodywork.

11 Months MOT and 5 Months Tax.
I will sorely miss this car and am likely to move on price if you can convince me that she will go to a loving home…

Price: £3500.00 Or near offer


Leave a Comment below if you are interested. It will not actually be published…

Mummy Dance


Shoe Meeting

Prépa Repa Libanais

Vine leaves, easy on the eye

Obligatory cat photo